Wherever you are in the process of creating a great vision statement, we can help. We work with entrepreneurs, new business owners, and small and large business owners to help them turn their ideas into a formal vision statement.

Executive Coaching. We provide one-on-one telephone coaching using our Vision Statement Development Guide to help you create an effective vision statement.

  • Understand the characteristics of effective vision statements
  • Express your ideas for leading the company as you work through introspective exercises
  • When ready, write draft vision statements
  • Practice communicating your vision statement while refining your messaging
  • Practice charismatic communication techniques
  • Finalize your vision statement and plan to implement it

Consulting. A vision statements is only effective if your employees understand, remember, and act in alignment with it.  We can review your approaches for implementing the vision statement and provide individualized recommendations for growing your company revenues and profits by aligning your company with the vision statement. Contact us for more information.